Fruity Fly Masks from Shires

Shires Fruit Print Fly Mask blog

Just launched from Shires Equestrian are the fun yet highly practical fruit printed fly masks.

What’s you favourite fruit?

These vibrant prints offer watermelon, strawberry and Banana. Your horse will be the pick of the bunch wearing these.

Shires Banana Fly Mask Shires Watermelon Fly Mask Shires Strawberry Fly Mask

All of these prints are available as a standard fly mask with ears and Standard fly mask with ears and nose piece.

Summer Protection

The eye area is very delicate so using a fly mask is advised to offer protection to this area. You will often see horses in a field with flies all around their ears and eyes so using a fly mask can help keep your horse more comfortable and allow them to relax in the field.

Use these with a fly rug and fly repellent for added protection this summer.

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