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What do fly rugs do?

Just like human skin, horses need protection from the sun if they are out in it for extended periods of time. Fly rugs are designed to help protect your horse against flies and biting insects as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can prevent the coat bleaching as well as sunburn of pink skin area’s.

What is the difference between a fly rug and a sweet itch rug?

Fly rugs and sweet itch rugs are very similar to each other. A mild case of sweet itch can be helped using a fly rug however for more severe cases a sweet itch rug is recommended. The main difference is that a sweet itch rug has a much more close knit fabric to stop small insects and midges getting to the horse causing them to itch. Prevention is far better than trying to treat a horse once they have started rubbing. A sweet-itch rug will also cover the base of the ears and right up the neck. They are best used with a fly mask that has ear pieces attached to offer the best protection.

Can I leave a fly rug on overnight?

Yes you can leave a fly rug overnight however we do not recommend doing so. The main reason for this is due to the finer fabrics used for fly rugs could tear if your horse could rubs in the stable.

Can you ride in a fly rug?

To protect your horse from flies when riding chose a riding fly rug such as the Amigo Fly RIder.

Do fly rugs keep your horse cooler in summer?

A well fitting fly rug will help reflect UV rays off your horse thus helping to keep them cooler. Other ways to keep your horse cool are to ensure their is plenty of shade in the field they are in and they have access to clean and fresh water at all times. Horses will sweat on hot days so consider using an electrolyte in their feed.

Keeping your horse comfortable this summer can be a real challenge. We stock a wide range of products for your horse this summer including Horse fly rugs to help protect against biting insects as well as the sun’s harmful rays.

Fly rugs from leading brands including Horseware Amigo, Weatherbeeta and Shires Equestrian.

Fly masks are perfect to protect your horses delicate eye area. Fly masks come with several levels of protection. Shop the range here.

Horse Fly spray and Fly repellents really can help aid your horses comfort. With several different ingredients we are often asked ‘what is the best fly repellent’. It really is a case of trial and error as what works for one horse, may not be as effective on another.