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Buying a Fly Rug

Summer is just around the corner and their is nothing better after a long winter then getting your summer wardobe ready… Whilst you delve in to the depths of your wardrobe for your shorts and t-shirts we take a look at choosing the best fly rug for your horse.

Why does my horse need a fly rug?

The decision on whether or not to use a one can be a tough one. Whilst often we buy our horses rugs so they look the most stylish of the pack, a fly rug is not only a great style choice, it also offers protection for your horse. Used alongside a fly repellent they can make your horse more comfortable and let them enjoy their summers out in the field.

Here are our top 5 for you this season. When choosing the best fly rug take a look below.

1. Horseware Amigo Bug Rug

Horseware Amigo Bug Rug

Available in sizes: 5ft6 – 7ft. Also available for the larger big chested horse is the Horseware Amigo XL Bug Rug.

This rug feels like any other fly rug when you open the bag however one thing you notice is how nice and light it feels. I imagine on a hot summer days it will feel nice and airy on. Amigo say this offers excellent value protection and we have to agree. Priced as a mid range fly rug it features a soft, absorbant and strong knitted polyester fabric which has sun reflecting properties.

What we feel sets this rug as one of our top buys this summer is its ergonomic shape with front leg arches which nicely allow the rug a close fit around the chest without rubbing thanks its silky shoulder lining. Easy to use fixings and a nice big tail flap to keep those pesky flies away. A great feature is the ability to remove the neck cover making it highly versatile.

2. Shires Equestrian Tempest Original Combo

Available in a range of designs, the Shires Equestrian tempest original combo fly rug is such great value. Coming in at under £50 we think it offers great protection at a great price.

Sizes available: 4ft – 7ft.

Shires Tempest Original Combo Fly Rug in Sunflower

This rug offers plenty of adjustment at the chest with it’s twin buckle fastening feature. This enables this rug to be worn by a number of different builds of horse. The tight knit mesh prevents those pesky insects getting to your horse and also offers UV protection to help prevent bleaching of the coat.

3. Horseware Rambo Protector

One of our highest priced fly rugs however we feel it is money well spent. Availabe in sizes 5ft9 – 7ft

Rambo Protector Fly Rug

Made from Horseware’s unique patented fabric which is super soft and comfortable for your horse whilst giving them great protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and flies/insects. In terms of performance this fly rates as one of the best out there however it’s price sets it at number 3 in our blog for this year. If you have the money to spend then this is definitely the rug for you.

As with all high end products, paying that bit extra means you get a quality fly rug built to last for many seasons. The front fastening on this is their patented V-front closure which doesn’t offer any adjustability however the cut of the rug around the shoulders offers added room for a larger chested horse yet equally fits slimmer builds well. The three straight surcingles ensure the belly has protection as this really helps the rug wrap under the belly. A removable neck cover with silky mane liner make this a versatile rug for the complete fly season. On a final note we love that you can add a waterproof liner to this rug for those damp but warm days. Available to purchase separately, the Rambo Waterproof Fly Rug Liner.


4. Horseware Mio Fly Rug

One of our most cheapest fly rugs yet offering good protection for your horse/pony this summer. Priced at £42 for pony sizes and £47 for horse sizes.

Horseware Mio Fly Rug

Horseware have always been up the top as a brand for your horse or pony with industry leading designs and technology. The Mio range is their budget range however with their designs do not let the low price put you off. An attached neck cover on this rug means your horse is covered from head to tail in it’s soft knitted polyester fabric ensuring flies and insects are kept at bay whilst the light colour reflects the UV off. We really like how easy the fastenings are on this rug however this does remove it’s adjustability – for a larger chested horse we recommend you look at their XL Bug Rug.

5. Weatherbeeta Comfitec Airflow Combo Fly Rug

We love this mid range fly from from Weatherbeeta available in sizes 5ft6 – 7ft.

soft to move with your horse alongside a stretch panel at the base of the neck to allow freedom of movement when grazzing.
Weatherbeeta Airflow Combo Fly Rug
Keep your horse protected with this innovative rug designed with a stretch panel over the wither allowing freedom of movement for your horse when grazing. The ezi-clip front fastening is adjustable to suit different types of horses alongside a large shoulder gusset. Touch tape fastenings on the combo neck are quick to use. A great all round fly rug.



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