LeMieux Anatomical Bridles

Just launched from LeMieux is their stylish bridle collection. These are the products we have been waiting for as you can now dress to impress with the beautifully soft European leather and Anatomical headpiece. Being stylish has never been so comfortable before.

LeMieux Bridles & Leatherwork

LeMieux Competition Flash Bridle

The LeMieux Competition Bridle is show quality with an elegant shaped, padded browband and noseband with decorative stitching.

The discrete, detachable flash loop sits flush within the noseband and is easy to remove, making this beautiful snaffle bridle suitable for a variety of horses. This picture-perfect bridle is made for comfort by avoiding sensitive pressure points and allowing good blood circulation.

The LeMieux Bridles are made from beautifully soft European leather and feature an anatomically shaped headpiece with soft padded cut away around the ears and poll to aid in the distribution of pressure, maximising comfort.

LeMieux Running Martingale

The LeMieux Running Martingale features an adjustable neck strap with padded top piece at the wither, along with custom designed martingale rings that clip on and off quickly and easily without the need to undo reins.

This innovative design makes life a doddle without having to thread the reins through the rings any more.


LeMieux Work Bridle

The LeMieux Work Bridle is both stylish and practical with a removable-flash on the raised padded noseband, ideal for everyday use. The clip on the cheekpieces allow the bit to be changed quickly and easily, along with the throat lash clipping onto D-rings on the headpiece making it fully detachable. Some of the features of this bridle include:

  • Raised padded browband
  • Bit clips on the cheek pieces for ease of use.
  • Throat lash clips onto D-rings on the headpiece making it fully detachable.
  • Discrete detachable flash loop sits flush within the noseband and is easy to remove.
  • Roller buckles on the flash with a buckle guard
  • Made from soft oiled leather
  • Colours: Black with Silver Fittings and Brown with Brass fittings.



LeMieux Grackle Bridle

The LeMieux Grackle Bridle is a fine example of the style with the browband and noseband both featuring decorative stitching and soft padding for comfort on the brow and along the bridge of the nose.

It comes with interchangeable padding at the back of the nosepiece with the option of merino wool or a soft leather cushion. A featured D-ring on noseband allows the pieces to sit smoothly against the horse’s cheeks and jaw. This helps to provide a tailored fit for different jaw shapes and the back strap can move independently.

LeMieux Classic Dressage Bridle

For those looking for a bit of glamour in their tack room our top pick is the LeMieux Classic Dressage Bridle.


The LeMieux Dressage bridle is a classic example with a contemporary twist and is just made for the ring. The delicate, detachable clincher browband is anatomically shaped and complements the statement padded crank noseband beautifully.

For additional comfort, the crank pad has excellent cushioning and roller buckles on the crank strap and flash. The throat lash fastens discretely under the jaw for a slimline look. This bridle comes in brown with silver fittings and matches the brown Straight Rubber Reins with silver buckle.

Shop the full range of Bridles as well as breastplates and martingales on our website. We have trained staff available 7 days a week if you have any questions about this range or others.

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