Horse supplements to keep your horse in the best of health are becoming increasingly more popular. With our horse feeding advice available 7 days a week, providing top care for your horse has never been easier.

Gut health is becoming an increasingly talked about topic, we have feed supplements to maintain and support optimum gut health

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Horses need a balanced diet much like us humans. This can be done in your horses everyday feed by feeding a balancer,  However sometimes horses need extra support for joints, hooves or gut etc. For more information on feed advice and if you think your horse could need a supplement call our trained advisors on 01277 353723

It can be dangerous to over feed certain supplements, However as horses do not utilize excessive nutrients they will just excrete them and this just results in a loss of money for you.

If you buy the correct and a good quality supplement for your horse this can be money well spent and even sometimes reduce the risk of having expensive vet bills.

Joint supplements can be vital to maintain healthy joints through ridden and retired life as well as daily exercise will help keep your horse comfortable. Horses are considered senior from the age of 16 and it is advised to feed a joint supplement from then to help protect and reduce the risk of damage in later life.

Gastric Ulcers in horses is a hot topic for conversation at the moment. We have seen a huge increase in cases. The first place to start if you suspect your horse may have gastric ulcers is to call your vet. They can then ask some questions and advice on the best practice.

Gut balancers do exactly that, they balance the gut. Take a look at specific products to see what you should feed a gut balancer.

With feed supplements there is never a one supplement works best for all horses. Supplements are made up of a balance of herbs, vitamains and minerals. Often a deficiency in one of these can create behavioural problems.

Speak to one of our advisors to find out what would be the best supplement to try for your horse.

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We stock a large range of horse supplements to keep your horse healthy.

Feed Supplements can help support common issues from behaviour to mobility and much more. Shop top brands of supplements NAF, Omega Equine, Protexin, Global Herbs, Science Supplements and Nettex to name a few.

Often horse calmers are required either for short term use or longer periods of time. Instant syringe calmers such as NAF Magic can provide support for events out of your horses normal routine such as travelling, vet visits, clipping.

A common problem we are asked about in Spring is Laminitis. Read our blog here to find out more information about Laminitis and what you can do if you suspect your horse is suffering from it.

For performance horses Electrolytes should be fed alongside a balanced diet to ensure your horse can compete at his best. Essentials salts are lost through sweating which are vital in your horses digestion. Read more on Electrolytes for horses here.