NAF Equine – Natural Animal Feeds supply an array of feed supplements for your horse to help with common illness, offer support for a wide range of ailments.

Digestion in the horse is such a huge part in keeping your horse happy and comfortable and with supplements offering digestive support such as gastriaid and Pink Powder, NAF is the choice of many riders both profesional and amateur.

Behaviour, joint support, respiriatory and vitamin/mineral supplements are just some of the products on offer.

Featured Products

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NAF GastriAid for a Gutsy Horse

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Harness Girl Power with NAF Oestress

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We all need a bit of NAF Magic

Five Star NAF Magic, we all need a bit of Magic NAF Magic Calmer Available [...]

Our NAF feed supplements are available to help ensure your horse stays in the best condition. The horse supplement brand for popular products including NAF Magic as a horse calmer, pink powder for vitamin and mineral support and Oestress for your hormonal mare.

All products are designed with your horses health in mind with nutritional advanced formulas, supplements, topical applications and care products.The product range supports ulcers, laminitis, respiratory, poor hooves, digestion and performance.

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