Well known for their products in the industry, Carr Day & Martin are leading manufacturers of Belvoir Leather Care products to keep your tack clean and supple as well as well known brand Gallop horse shampoo.

Canter Mane & Tail has been our go to product for many years to keep our ponies manes looking clean and tangle free. The Canter range includes coat shine as well as Dreamcoat for a shiny yet slip free finish. Perfect for getting your horse show ring ready.

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Carr & Day & Martin Have Been Manufacturing the Best In Horse Care Products Since 1765. We have been stocking the range for years as they are products we use ourselves time and time again.

The Gallop range has been designed as no two horses are the same. Like us humans, horses hair types vary so it is important you choose the shampoo to suit.

Got a dirty grey? then pick Gallop Grey Shampoo or Gallop Extra Strength Shampoo for really dirty coats.

We especially love their medicated shampoo and it is always one we recommend to have in your wash kit. Great for flaky coats as well as areas rubbed by the horse.

To clean your tack simply apply a tack cleaner such as the Belvoir tack cleaner spray, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Allow to air dry naturally and then apply a tack leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple and protected from the elements.

Yes it is a good idea to wipe down your tack with Tack Cleaning mits or some tack cleaner and rinse your horses bit in water.

To keep your horses hooves in great condition ensure you pick them out daily. In general a farrier should look at their hooves and trim them every 6 weeks.

Clean mud and sand off the hooves and apply a daily hoof moisturiser.

Keeping your horses mane and tail clean and tangle free not only looks nice, it is important they have this to protect them from flies. A clean swishy tail will help them swat away insects.

Wash your horses tail using warm soapy water. Take a look at the Gallop horse shampoo range for the best shampoo to use.

Canter Mane & Tail Spray can be applied to remove tangles and make brushing easier. Use a wide tooth comb and gently remove any knots and debris. Try to avoid pulling the hair and breaking it.

In winter it is a good idea to trim the end of the tail to stop it dragging through mud and the horse treading on the end.

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Carr Day Martin supply well known brands including Canter, Gallop, Belvoir and Vanner Prest.

Keeping your horses hooves in top condition is a priority. We have all heard the saying ‘no foot, no horse’ so using the right products can maintain healthy hoof growth and prevent breakage to the hoof wall.

Their traditional Hoof Oil we have sold for as long as we can remember and it is still our go to product on the shelf. With products for daily hoof moisturising as well as well as Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment to promote healthy horn growth.