Our horse rugs offer ranges to suit our english weather. Turnout rugs to keep your horse dry as well as stable rugs, exercise rugs and fleece rugs. With summer fast approaching we have the rugs for your horses summer wardrobe with our range of fly rugs offering protection from UV as well as biting insects.

Horse rugs in stock now for immediate dispatch from all the leading brands including Weatherbeeta Horse Rugs, Amigo by Horseware, Shires Equestrian, and LeMieux.

Our range of horse rugs are available with a variety of fillings to keep your horse comfortable all year round. Shop our lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight horse rugs as well as our fleeces & coolers, pony rugs and exercise rugs. We are sure to have rugs to suit all budgets. Keep an eye our for cheap horse rugs in our sale of end of line ranges.

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We stock lots of horse rugs including turnout rugs, stable rugs, fleece rugs, exercise sheets, fly rugs and cooler rugs.

We are stockist of leading brands including Weatherbeeta, Shires Equesrian, Horseware, Amigo by Horseware and LeMieux.

When you put your hand under a rug on a horse standing still it should never feel toasty warm. It should feel more on the coolish side.

Horses lose the ability to cool themselves down when they are over-rugged which can be particularly problematic in the Autumn and Spring months. Overheating can cause colic symptoms and leave horses feeling distressed as they struggle to cool down. Over- Rugging can also increase weight gain as well as skin conditions.

There are many things to consider when chosing to rug your horse. A horse that is clipped will need rugs to replace the warmth and protection offered by the coat you have removed. More information can be found on our what to wear horse rug blog.

It is advisable to dry your horse off as much a possible with a wicking rug before putting on the new rug otherwise the rug will absorb the moisture and hold it close to the horse’s body for many hours to come, chilling as the temperature drops.

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We stock a large selection of horse rugs to keep your horse happy all seasons.

Our turnout rugs and stable rugs are available with a wide range of fillings from 0gm to 550gm. With the option to add a neck cover or have an attached neck cover, we have your horse covered no matter the weather.

With great fabric options to offer waterproof, breathable and ripstop horse rugs. Keep an eye on our pages for sale horse rugs to grab yourself a bargain.

Summer horse rugs offer protection from the sun’s UV rays as well as biting insects, shop our range of fly rugs to keep your horse cool and comfortable through the summer months.

A common question asked is what size rug will my horse need, our Horse Rug size blog will answer all your questions.