Saddle pads are becoming more popular then ever, whilst to help protect your saddle and as your horses back, everyone loves getting there hands on the new colours and a matchy matchy set.

Shop a wide range of saddle pads, half pads and risers available in dressage, GP, close contact and jumping. We stock to leading brands including LeMieux, Shires equestrian, Woof Wear, Acavallo and Weatherbeeta.

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Saddle Pad FAQ'S

The main difference between a saddle cloth and a numnah is a numnah is cut the same shape as the saddle whereas a saddle cloth is a square shape showing more material.

The size saddle pad you need is determined on the size of your saddle. As a rough guide if you saddle is 15″ you will need a small or pony size, 15-16.5″ will be a medium or cob size and 17″ and above a large or full size. Once on your horse with the saddle you should have about 1-2inches free at the front and back.

Most cotton saddle cloths can be put in the washing machine however it is always best to check on the instructions first. Before you wash your saddle pads it is advised, remove built-up dirt, sweat and hair so you don’t damage your washing machine.

Close contact saddle pads are designed to be used with a jump saddle being more forward cut. A dressage saddle pad is cut longer compared to a general purpose pad allowing for the longer flap of a dressage saddle.

The main reasons for using a saddle pad is to protect the under side of the saddle and keeping it clean. It is also important as helps to pull heat and moisture away from the horse’s back.

At Ingatestone Saddlery Centre we have once of the largest selection of saddlecloths for you in dressage, close contact and GP. Saddle Pads for ponies and horses in any colour imagineable. 

When looking for a saddlepad it is important the sytle fits the shape of your saddle. The pad needs to be visible around the edge of the saddle to make sure it is comfortable for your horse. 

LeMieux Saddle Pads are hugely popular thanks to their clever designs which fit very well without slipping. Available in lots of colours for the perfect matchy set as well as styles for ponies and horses. Match your saddle pad with a fly hood, bandages, boots as well as LeMieux Base Layer and LeMieux Pom Pom Hat Silk.