At Ingatestone Saddlery we stock bridles a hige range of bridles and bridle parts. Whether you are looking for a flash bridles, a grackle, cavesson or drop… we have a bridle to try.

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A correctly fitted bridle which allows good clearance around the horses ears will be comfortable for the horse.

Their are 4 main types of noseband, flash, drop, grackle and cavesson.

Each of these nosebands distribute pressure across the horses face differently. We advise you speak to your riding instructor who has experience in the way your horse goes to help you choose which noseband would work best.

Strong horses require evaluation by either your riding instructor or a bitting specialist. We first need to establish why they are strong as it can be just for certain activities they find exciting, some require schooling whereas others can be strong due to the tack you are using.

Changing a horses bit and bridle can drastically alter their way of going. Often riders will use a different bridle and bit for hacking compared to in the school. 

Choosing the right bridle for your horse can be hard as no horse is the same size. We stock a large selection of bridle parts allowing us to swap parts to get the best fit for your horse. 

Anatomical bridles are a popular choice with their ergonmic shaped headpiece lined with soft padding to aid comfort and improve your horses way of going. We are qualified fitters of the Fairfax Performance Bridle which has been developed and tested to offer the highest level of comfort and peak performance. 

New to our bridle are the LeMieux Bridles with their Kudos and Arika Bridle Collection including work bridles as well as competition bridles. 

No bridle would be complete without the best horse bit for your horse, shop our horse bits here.  A popular choice for our customers are the Neue Schule Bit Range with mouthpieces to suit every need.